The Ransom Exchange

Unlikely English duo Andrew Moffet, an insecure private investigator and sixty-seven-year-old Aunty Molly take to the streets of Los Angeles in their unorthodox fashion. They are hired by wealthy widower Mrs Burgess to find her missing daughter Amanda, who has been kidnapped from their Bel Air mansion.

Roger Major - The Ransom Exchange

Moffet returns the girl to her mother the very next day, only for him to return the following day for his cheque and discover Amanda has been kidnapped again. With the ransom now increased, Andrew and Aunty Molly mischievously dispose of the gang of kidnappers one by one. Creating mayhem and insecurity among the villains with hilarious results. Everything runs smoothly for Moffet & Molly, until the “ruthless” Organization here’s about the large ransom involved and devise their own plan to steel the ransom during the ransom exchange.

A fascinating read full of twists and turns with a highly unusual plot and bursting with humour. Great fun.

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