The Brazen Assassin

The adventure continues.

Roger Major - The Brazen Assassin

Following Molly’s retirement to England, Andrew and Luis team up forging a new partnership together. Luis meanwhile gets a new identity, while Andrew finds romance.

Wealthy banker Scott Metcalfe’s beautiful wife Rachel disappears to England with his English business associate Alexander Seymore. Metcalfe wants her back, and hires Moffet and Luis to get her.

Meanwhile the Organization are on the trail of Luis. After discovering their new case takes them to England, they send two hitmen to London to eliminate him.

Molly is settled in her village cottage by the sea, assisting the villagers and promising to discover who is stealing the gnomes ahead of the annual village garden gnome contest.

Arriving in England, Moffet and Luis visit Molly to ask for her assistance and expertise in their new case. Refusing to desert the villagers, Molly insists Luis replaces her to find the gnome snatcher, while she and Andrew head for London to find Rachel.

Luis is left to guard the remaining gnomes from the gnome snatcher with hilarious results. At the same time playing a game of cat and mouse with the two Mexican hitmen.

Returning to his Long Beach apartment. A recorded message awaits Moffet on his answerphone, advising him the new girl in his life has been kidnapped by the Organization, they will only release her in exchange for Luis. Together Moffet and Molly attempt their most audacious plan yet, to destroy the Organization in Mexico. Another page turner, with a good measure of side splitting humour on their adventurous journey across southern England and Mexico.

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