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The Ransom Exchange

Moffet & Molly: Book 1

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Unlikely English duo Andrew Moffet, an insecure private investigator, and sixty-seven-year-old Aunty Molly take to the streets of Los Angeles in their unorthodox fashion. They are hired by wealthy widow Mrs. Burgess to find her missing daughter Amanda, who has been kidnapped from the family’s Bel Air mansion.

Moffet returns the girl to her mother the very next day, only for him to discover the following day that Amanda has been kidnapped again. With the ransom now increased, Andrew and Aunty Molly outwit and stealthily dispose of the gang of kidnappers one by one, creating mayhem and insecurity among the villains with hilarious results.

Everything runs smoothly for Moffet & Molly until the ruthless Organization, a large-scale network of launderers, hears about the large ransom involved and devises their own plan to intercept the money during the ransom exchange. A fascinating read full of twists and turns with a highly unusual plot and bursting with humor.


The Brazen Assassin

Moffet & Molly: Book 2

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Can Moffet & Molly save the girls, rescue the gnomes and bring home the bacon?

His financial situation may have improved but even with a high-profile case under his belt and romance in the air, PI Andrew Moffet is still feeling somewhat insecure. His stalwart associate and ally, Molly, has left for England and he knows he needs a new partner. Gangster turned good guy, Louis, is hiding from The Organization, who after the death of one of their own, are not about to let him off the hook.

By taking a lucrative case from a wealthy financier to bring back his errant wife, the new collaborators find themselves heading for London. But they are not alone. The cartel has hired an investigator of their own and he soon see’s through Louis’ disguise.

Molly has made a new life for herself in a picturesque seaside village, but it seems she cannot escape her crime fighting past. Someone is stealing garden gnomes ahead of the hotly contested inter-village competition and Molly is tasked with uncovering the culprit.

The two cases are destined to violently collide as The Organization sends hit men to take down Louis – and they don’t seem to care who gets in the way.

Meanwhile back in LA, another kidnapping has taken place and this one is dangerously close to home! Another action-packed installment in the Moffet & Molly series, this time with fish and chips, bodacious foreign assassins and a Morris Minor!


The Saboteurs 

Moffet & Molly: Book 3

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The stage is set for the final battle – from LA to Guadalajara – will Moffet & Molly prevail?

The misnamed head of The Organization, Angel, is dead. Now PI Andrew Moffet teams up with Mexican newspaper investigator, Felix Diaz, to bring down The Organization from within. Moffet’s plans may be altruistic but Felix has another agenda and Andrew is soon forced to work against him. Still mourning the loss of his compadre, Louis, he is unprepared for a friend risen from the dead and the uncertainty of not knowing who he can trust.

With steadfast Molly and girlfriend Marilyn by his side, Andrew begins an elaborate program of sabotage, which involves exploding planes, stolen drugs and disrupted supply routes. The stakes have never been higher and the rewards more lucrative, as Moffet and his team grapple with divided loyalties and broken promises. Felix continues to lose control and as his hunger for power increases, so his finances decrease. The continued acts of subversion push him closer and closer to the edge.

Saving innocent lives and the final downfall of The Organization should be the ultimate prize – but sometimes the price of fulfilling your mission, can be exceedingly high indeed, and people are going to get hurt. The final explosive installment in the Moffet & Molly series, with all the triumph and tragedy you have come to expect with the question we all need answering – will the Hillman be usurped by a Jaguar?


A Family at war 

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Attention! Are you a fan of World War II novels?

Follow the compelling story of an English family, from the day Great Britain enters the war, through the early post war years that followed.

Become engrossed in the riveting exploits of the family’s two young sons who volunteer into the British armed services of the RAF, and the Royal Navy. Witness their wartime involvement, both heroic and humorous; from tragedies through triumphs. The hardships of their parents and baby siblings they left behind. The friends they make and love they find on their individual journeys through war.

See the no-nonsense ways in which they dealt with terrible ordeals including the blitz, food shortages, and unthinkable losses.This authentic chronicle is loosely based on descriptions of actual events shared with the author by the people who experienced them. Reminding us of the often-forgotten virtues of family, friendship, love, respect, loyalty, bravery, and selflessness.Don’t miss out on this memorable saga.

The Unluckiest Lottery Winner

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How far does Eric have to go to get his hands on the jackpot?

East-end boy and hapless introvert, Eric Bentley, is a man’s man who likes nothing better than a Friday night in The Flying Horse with his mates. Girlfriend, Janet, however, can’t think of anything worse than being in The Flying Horse staring at Eric’s boring drinking buddies.

When Eric buys a lottery ticket the next day and bags a spare ticket to the West Ham versus Liverpool match, little does he know that destiny has a surprise in store.

After watching his team get thrashed by Liverpool, he and his pals are crushed. To top it all he’s down to his last three quid too. Could life get any more depressing?

But then something unbelievable happens. He watches the numbers pop up on the screen. Checks his ticket. Checks again. Gets his mum to check. And yes, it’s … actually … true. He’s only gone and won the lottery! To the tune of fifteen million pounds!

Something strange happens the next morning. Sunday never comes. He’s living through a bizarre Groundhog Day every single day. Saturday is followed by Saturday. Which means the frustration of having to endure seeing his team lose every day to Liverpool, not seeing Janet, and not getting his hands on the lottery!

The Accidental Adulteress

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Raymond White loves women. Despite being married to Debby (who loves her husband dearly) he just can’t help himself.

If he isn’t ogling young mums in short dresses on the bus, he’s secretly replying to texts from his lovers. But his indiscretions (regardless of how hilarious they are – he isn’t quite the irresistible gigolo he thinks he is) are wearing Debby down. All she wants is to stop his philandering and rekindle their marriage – she made her vows for life.

When Ray is asked to attend a weekend national works conference, their wives are encouraged to join them, Debby spots an opportunity to win back her man. A romantic weekend away in a four-star hotel – the perfect setting to show Ray she’s more than enough woman for him. The costume ball on the last night of the work’s do spices things up a little. Dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, Debby waits for Batman Ray to return from the bathroom, who unbeknownst to her had changed costumes with Spiderman.

Exiting the bathroom, Debby seizes her opportunity to drag husband Batman outside for some cavorting in the car park. What could possibly go wrong? Will Debby’s cunning plan be a success? Or is this a disaster waiting to happen?

The Little Girl Who Lived In The Well 

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An uplifting story of true friendship that demonstrates the amazing power of one brave little girl!

Ten-year-old Emma Hopkins is on vacation with her parents in West Virginia when she unexpectedly meets Wendy during a hike in the woods. The two girls soon discover they have many things in common. They even share the same birthday!

But as their friendship grows ever stronger, Emma begins to have puzzling questions about Wendy:

  • Where does she live?
  • Why can’t she read at age ten?
  • And how can she come and go without making a sound?

Suspecting something dark in Wendy’s past, Emma sets out on a quest to solve the mystery. Follow the adventures of Emma and Wendy to the surprising conclusion, with a clever, contemporary twist you won’t see coming!

Buy this book for all the young mystery-lovers in your life!

Wolf Story The Begining

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For generations the wolves and humans tolerated each other living on the edge of the Plain.

WOLF STORY takes us back to the beginning and the first foundations of coexistence between man and wolf. Loyalty and family bonds are tested when alpha male Kimba successfully integrates his pack into the human settlement. His actions setting off a chain of events that will forever change how the pack and the humans view each other. The first cross specie bonds are forged, alliances made and lost amidst a prehistoric backdrop.

Spanning two generations, this extraordinary journey, is an adventure unlike any other.

A tale of betrayal and survival in a harsh environment. Skillfully told from the perspectives of both wolves and humans, this true-life fantasy novel will take you on a journey across the empty plains, encountering wild wolves, mammoths and…. a talking bird. The bond between wolf and human will be severely tested when faced with a common enemy, will they fight it separately as their ancestors did, or will they join forces and break free of their old traditions that had kept them apart.

WOLF STORY will forever change your view of this fascinating animal.


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Inept magician Carl Bentley struggles to make a living with his unconvincing tricks, leaving a string of complaints from paying customers behind him. Against the advice of his family to join his brother’s business, Carl persists, believing he has the talent to be the world’s greatest magician. Following another failed performance, a mysterious crate lands at his front door from an unknown source. Reading the instructions inside, Carl builds the life-size ‘magic box’. After persuading his reluctant girlfriend, Linda, to enter the box, he performs the magic ritual precisely according to the instructions. Opening the empty box, Carl finds that Linda has disappeared and he struggles to bring her back! Could this mysterious magic box be the harbinger of Carl’s success?

Follow Carl, Linda and his brother as they embark on their adventure, entertaining the crowds with their hilarious magical tricks.

Lurking in the background, a master magician lies in wait, determined to steal the secret of the magic box. A magicians’ feud ensues, with comic consequences. Will the master expose Carl as a fraud? Or will Carl have his own way of disposing of the master of all magicians?

This hilarious novel will keep you spellbound to the last page.

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